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The Hawk and Owl Trust have been given a unique opportunity to purchase the land surrounding its 15ha Sculthorpe Moor Community Nature Reserve, near Fakenham, Norfolk. If the money is raised, it will more than triple the size of the protected area, prevent the land being sold on the open market and make it fully accessible to all.

The History

Peat cutting, gravel extraction, reed cutting, gunpowder manufacture, brush making, shooting range, charcoal making, water mills and a Medieval motte-and-bailey castle are just a glimpse of what the privately-owned Sculthorpe Fen has seen in its unique and fascinating long history. Since 2007 Hawk and Owl Trust have been delivering agricultural stewardship for the owners of the land but no public access has been possible. That land has now been made available to Hawk & Owl Trust to buy, offering the chance to manage it fully for wildlife, encourage public access and celebrate its vibrant history.

The Vision

Our vision for Sculthorpe Fen is about so much more than its amazing wildlife. We see a future where a rich ecosystem co-exists with the local community with access for all, rural history, rural crafts and traditional sustainable management which benefits the landscape, people and wildlife. If the landscape is right, the wildlife will thrive. Hides, boardwalks and wheelchair-friendly paths will allow access to the whole area where habitat management will be achieved through use of traditional rare breed livestock, using the best animals for the job, rather than those that return the greatest economic value. Animal husbandry courses will compliment rural crafts. 

Buying the land is just the first step: we need your help to bring this vision to life! Sculthorpe Fen: a unique, diverse area for all to explore, where education, scientific research and quiet enjoyment exist side-by-side now and into the future...


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